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Zabriskie Point – Death Valley, California

Sunrise in the Dunes

Big Bend, Texas

Badwater Basin, Death Valley

Ghost Town Cemetery – New Mexico

Old Horse Springs, New Mexico

Cathedral Valley – Capitol Reef-Utah

Water Towers – VA Hospital, Albuquerque

Sandstone Buttes – Monument Valley

Devil’s Garden, Utah

D. H. Lawrence memorial, New Mexico

Windmill and Trees


Rainbow, Mountains and River

Very Large Array, Plains of San Augustin, New Mexico

Midnight in the Devil’s Garden, Arches National Park – Utah

Near Elkhorn Ranch – North Dakota

Highway 95 – Utah

Canyonlands Vista

Dripping Springs, New Mexico

Colt from a Herd of Wild Horses – Medora, North Dakota

Delicate Arch – Utah

Bison at Sunset – Medora, North Dakota

Lyndon Johnson Family Cemetery – near Pedernales River, Central Texas

Bridge and Cloud Formation – Colorado River, Arizona

Last Motel – Glen Rio, Texas

Twisted Tree – Grand Canyon, South Rim

Riders of the Plains, Old and New – Magdalena, New Mexico

Abandoned Motel – Whites City, NM

Rocks – Monument Valley, Utah

Orthodox Church – Albuquerque, New Mexico

Horseshoe Canyon, Utah

Canyonlands – Utah

Abo Ruins – New Mexico

Storm – Route 66 West of Albuquerque

Santa Fe Window

Rio Grande – Trees in the Evening

Albuquerque’s West Mesa Volcanos and the Rio Grande

Madonna of the Trail – Albuquerque

Lake Powell, Utah

Bright Angel Canyon

Monument Valley

Storm – White Sands, New Mexico

Curves and Shadows – White Sands, New Mexico

Near Cedar Ridge, Arizona

Valles Caldera – New Mexico

Rio Grande Gorge – New Mexico

Antelope Canyon – Arizona

Chama River near Abiquiú, New Mexico

Bison Herd – Northwest Arizona


Ancient Rock Art – Horseshoe Canyon, Utah

Colorado Cliffs

Dawson, New Mexico


Santo Tomaś church – Abiquiú, New Mexico

Mike O’Callaghan – Pat Tillman Bridge — On the Arizona-Nevada Border

Friends’ Patio – Las Cruces

Veterans Administration Hospital – Albuquerque, New Mexico

Sandia Mountains – Albuquerque