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Cathedral Valley – Capitol Reef-Utah

Water Towers – VA Hospital, Albuquerque

Sandstone Buttes – Monument Valley

Windmill and Trees


Rainbow, Mountains and River

Very Large Array, Plains of San Augustin, New Mexico

Midnight in the Devil’s Garden, Arches National Park – Utah

Highway 95 – Utah

Canyonlands Vista

Dripping Springs, New Mexico

Lyndon Johnson Family Cemetery – near Pedernales River, Central Texas

Bridge and Cloud Formation – Colorado River, Arizona

Last Motel – Glen Rio, Texas

Twisted Tree – Grand Canyon, South Rim

Riders of the Plains, Old and New – Magdalena, New Mexico

Abandoned Motel – Whites City, NM

Rocks – Monument Valley, Utah

Orthodox Church – Albuquerque, New Mexico

Horseshoe Canyon, Utah

Canyonlands – Arizona

Abo Ruins – New Mexico

Storm – Route 66 West of Albuquerque

Santa Fe Window

Rio Grande – Trees in the Evening

Albuquerque’s West Mesa Volcanos and the Rio Grande

Madonna of the Trail – Albuquerque

Lake Powell, Utah

Bright Angel Canyon

Monument Valley

Storm – White Sands, New Mexico

Curves and Shadows – White Sands, New Mexico

Near Cedar Ridge, Arizona

Valles Caldera – New Mexico

Rio Grande Gorge – New Mexico

Antelope Canyon – Arizona

Chama River near Abiquiú, New Mexico

Bison Herd – Northwest Arizona


Ancient Rock Art – Horseshoe Canyon, Utah

Colorado Cliffs

Dawson, New Mexico


Santo Tomaś church – Abiquiú, New Mexico

Mike O’Callaghan – Pat Tillman Bridge — On the Arizona-Nevada Border

Friends’ Patio – Las Cruces

Veterans Administration Hospital – Albuquerque, New Mexico

Sandia Mountains – Albuquerque